Friday, February 5, 2010

Tea Party movement influenced by corporate oil and Mormon ideology

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By Ron Bynum

The Tea Party movement’s supporters think they are a grass roots movement, but their ideology of guns, God and gold reeks of the Mormon (LDS) philosophy, and they receive support from big oil in the form of the Koch brothers, owners of the nation’s largest private energy company.

At the Tea Partier’s rallies, there are many placards and signs citing their trust in guns, God, and gold, a mantra that Glen Beck of Fox News uses, and it appears that Beck, a Mormon (convert in 1999), is proselytizing his faith when he uses that phrase.
The brothers Charles and David Koch, of Koch Industries, are major contributors to the Heritage Foundation, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the Cato Institute, and are a major funding source for lobbying groups that deny climate change, and spent more than $8.5 million to stop “cap and trade” because it will cost them big profits. That is the real motivation behind the Tea Party movement, and healthcare reform is a scare tactic and rallying cry to upset ignorant followers and divide the country.

In Modesto, supporters of the Tea Party movement are clueless about the source of their alleged grass roots movement, and believe their liberties are at risk. Many protestors at rallies in the park proclaimed the government would take their guns, restrict their religious freedoms, and increase their taxes. The local gun club posted signs that “Obama’s going to take all your guns away so get them now and don’t register them.”

Religious fanatics claim liberals want to take God out of government and schools, even though God is not allowed in government or schools. Tea Party supporters fervently believe the lies ultra-conservative fear mongers like Sarah Palin and Fox News’ commentators spread, and neo-cons incite Tea Party protestors who remain ignorant of the origins, money, and real brains driving their movement.

It is sad that ignorant, frightened people believe their freedoms are at risk from the legally elected government of the United States. It is also sad these folks who think they are defenders of liberty are really shills for energy companies who will not share their ill-gotten profits with the Tea Party people.

David Koch proclaimed at one event that they are “fighting for the economic freedoms that made our nation the most prosperous society in history.” Koch’s only concern is higher profits earned on the backs of the Tea Party people, and they happily bend over for the shaft as Koch goes to the bank.

In Modesto and around the country, when Tea Party protestors make statements to the media and interviewers, they claim they fight for their liberty, ‘guns, God and gold,’ while they scream NO to affordable health care. They do not know whom the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute or the Koch brothers are, and have no idea the oil industry is pushing their agenda on them in the guise of preserving personal liberty.

An informal poll at a Modesto rally revealed the majority of the participants were white, retired, received Medicare coverage, paid no taxes, and carried guns. Modesto has a large Mormon population that is active in this area, and pumped in millions of dollars to ban gay marriage, while enjoying a tax-exempt status and promoting their ultra-conservative agenda.

It is time to expose the Tea Party movement as a frightened bunch of primarily white people with guns, who want gold, and belie their belief in Christ by denying access to affordable health care because it is a privilege. It is true in Modesto, and around the country.

Tea Partiers don’t realize they do dirty work for the Kochs, and indeed, most do not know that neo-cons with a vision of incorporating America direct their grass roots movement. The same folks who railed against Enron for raping Californians during an energy crisis, work for similar robber barons, in the name of liberty, guns, God, and gold.

The Kochs reap obscene profits using obscene tactics, and they laugh all the way to the bank, as they run over the ignorant folks who do the dirty work for them.
When the truth is made manifest, Tea Partiers will cry and ask where government regulations and protection were while they were prostituting for corporate oil.

The government does protect them, but they are too fixated on Glen Beck’s Mormon mantra of guns, God, and gold, and they cheered the Supreme Court’s recent decision to allow corporations unlimited campaign contributions to candidates friendly to the oil industry.

In the end they will only end up with guns, hope in God, and the tea bags they hang on their hats at the rallies in Modesto and around the country.

If they believe the Kochs will share their ill-gotten gains, they are ignorant and deluded poor people without gold, because the Kochs have it, and the Tea Partiers have tea bags. Cheers!

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