Friday, February 18, 2011

The Cato Institute is a Fraud!

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The Cato Institute, "libertarian think tank" in Washington D.C., is a complete and utter fraud. I smelled a rat back in 2007 when these guys went out of their way to discredit Ron Paul and refused to endorse him but now the truth is revealed. Here's what they thought of Ron Paul back in 2007:

Watch the video below. The man admits on CNN that Cato's research is funded by oil interests of around 40%! That means Haliburton and other war and oil related interests have their claws in a "libertarian" think tank that's no more libertarian than Fareed Zakaria is a unbiased moderator.

Also note, what a fraud this CNN "debate" really is. The only sincere person sitting at this table is the guy not wearing a suit because he's probably gullible enough to actually believe what the IPCC has forced fed him over the years.

This is the most fraudulent display I have ever witnessed on CNN, but what could we expect when it's hosted by Fareed Zakaria a higher level CFR and Trilateral Commission policy maker.

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