Wednesday, August 10, 2011

FOX is Second Only to North Korea in Peddling Propaganda

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FOX is Second Only to North Korea in Peddling Propaganda

Oh it's been one sweet ride. The GOP found itself to be the sugar daddy of all sugar daddies, who not only had money, and plenty of it, but controlled a growing media empire. He personified everything the GOP had come to believe about the supremacy of capitalism and the evil, rules-crippling nature of governance.

For Republicans, Rupert Murdoch was Jesus Christ in pinstripes. And Lord Rupert saw that it was good, and created FOX News, and said unto them, "Go forth now my children and spread the word; I, Lord Rupert, can turn truth into lies, lies into truth, science into superstition, confidence into fear and loathing."

And so it came to pass that FOX News became to the GOP a 24/7/365 propaganda horn of all things far-right and far-out.

But recently the bottom fell out and the lid came off. It began in the UK where the slime simply got to be too much to contain, and burst out into the open. Ever since conservative pols with proper British accents have been running for cover.

Now the Murdoch slime is beginning to leak out here in the US, as well. Republicans, currently consumed and trying to protect the fortunes of America's most pampered class, are getting nervous. Their sugar daddy threatens to become a tar baby. As the political bodies pile up in the House of Commons -- and Scotland Yard -- the US Dept. of Justice has decided to take a (belated) look here.

Of course, for me, FOX is the real tumor on this side of the pond. Second only to North Korea, the world has seldom seen a more obvious but determined propaganda tool for an authoritarian political persuasion.

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