Saturday, January 28, 2012

Koch Brothers – The Evil Thing

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The Koch brothers, for those of you who don’t know, were the driving force and the financiers of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. A decision where the court found that money = free speech, and corporations = people so not allowing corporations to spend corporate money freely in our elections was abridging their right to “free speech”. Yes, corporations are protected under the First Amendment so they can buy our elections.

The Koch brothers are also the ones who financed and promoted the fake grassroots group, the “Tea Party”; or as everyone else calls them an “astroturf group”. Without the Koch brothers financing them, (renting buses to bring people to the rallies and providing them food), and FOX News’ heavy promoting of them, the so-called Tea Party would not exist. The group was made up out of thin air by the Koch brothers and FOX News. Then they found people to stock the Tea Party; mostly the far right wing or as it used to be known, “the John Birch Society wing”. These people used to be pariahs in the Republican Party because their views were too extreme. It shows you how far to the right the Republican Party has moved when they are embracing those they used to shun. Not only embracing, but taking direction from as well.

This is the second little video, (The first video is here “I’d Like To Buy the World…”) that was modeled after the “I would like to buy the world a Coke” commercial, which was taken from the song, “I would like to teach the world to sing”. All very complicated. :-)
Koch Brothers; The Evil Thing:


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