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Romney has 32 Billionaire Donors in his Pocket

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The list is long, of how many US billionaires Romney is using to get elected, if it takes that many, there is a massive number of the very elite wealthy that are influencing this election. The billionaires who are fearing austerity measures against them, as if billions of dollars in their own personal wealth is being threatened by taxes. Already, tax loopholes allow these people to take advantage just like Mitt Romney has in his career.

These people are writing checks to ensure their low tax rates, ensure the middle class continue to pay their way, and creating deeper deficits. These 32 billionaires donated heavily to Romney’s Super PAC called “Restore Our Future”. Restore to what? The Bush tax cuts that have continued for 12 years? Restore to what, the Bush administration deregulating Wall Street?

Are these 32 billionaires hurting that badly that they would continue to protect the endangerment of their wealth and tax loopholes?

What are these billionaires so afraid of if President Obama gets a second term, that their vulture capitalists won’t be able to continue the destruction of US jobs?

Calling Out The Romney’s Billionaire’s List of Donors:
The latest Ultra-Rich Financiers of Mitt Romney include:
Wilbur Ross (a fellow Vulture Capitalist) donated $100,000
Harold Hamm (oil/gas tycoon) donated $ 985,000
Leslie Wexner (Limited clothing co) $250,000
John Catsimadtidis (Gristedes Supermarkets) $50,000
Louis Bacon (Hedge Fund) $500,000
Jim Davis (New balance -sneakers) 1 Million dollars
Ken Griffin (Citadel Hedge Fund) 2.85 million dollars
Thomas Kaplan (New York Investor) $100,000
Charles and David Koch, Bill Koch (oil, gas, energy) 2 million so far
Bruce Kovner (NY Hedge Fund) $500,000
Henry Kravis (leverage buyouts) $100,000
Bill and Richard Marriott (Hotel chain) 1 Million each, total 2 million so far.
Jerrold Perenchio (TV tycoon) donated $ 500,000
Julian Robertson (Tiger Management hedge fund) 1.25 Million dollars
Stephen and Steven Ross (real estate) $100,000 each, so far.
Marc Rowan (Apollo Mgmnt) $115,000
Robert Rowling (conservative) $100,000
Paul Singer (Elliot Managment) 1 million dollars
David Tepper (Hedge Fund) $ 375,000
Jim Walton, Alice Walton -Wal-Mart kings $ 200,000 each, Total so far $ 400,000
Sam Zell Chicago Real Estate $100,000
Charles and Helen Schwab $250,000

Harold Simmons gave the most to republicans:

$ 800,000 to Restore Our Future Super PAC

Plus donations to Kart Rove’s American Crossroads Super PAC and has promised to donate 36 million dollars to get rid of President Obama. Karl Rove also manages Crossroads GPS another Super PAC spending multi-millions in anti-Obama campaign ads.

It is expected the Republicans will spend up to one billion dollars to win this election for Mitt Romney. Assisted by Haley Barbour, the America Crossroads PAC raised 115 million dollars and is one of their top fundraisers for Romney.
It is apparent that the republicans are not concerned with “who their candidate really is” as long as he is a conservative republican. Unfortunate for the party, Mitt Romney has proven to flip flop on conservative issues, too many times to count, especially on abortion, healthcare for Massachusetts and other key issues.

Thanks to the Citizen United ruling by the conservative Supreme Court, corporations can donate unlimited funds to affect the results of the election, thereby eliminating any democrat election.

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