Saturday, August 10, 2013

Chris Christie Visits his Jewish Master

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By Clement Pulaski

The Las Vegas Sun recently reported that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is making a visit to sin city:
Christie plans to visit Las Vegas today for a private fundraiser hosted by Sheldon and Miriam Adelson at the Palazzo.
The event is technically for Christie’s gubernatorial re-election campaign this year, but it’s never too early for a potential presidential contender to visit an early caucus state.
Christie does not plan to have any public appearances and a spokesman for the governor’s re-election campaign said he won’t have media availability for the trip.
Adelson is a Jewish billionaire and casino mogul, and much of the money he cheats Americans out of in his gambling dens is used to bribe Republican politicians. This Jew, who is on record as saying “I’m basically a social liberal”, always pushes his Republican puppets further to the left on policy issues. Adelson is pro-abortion and has been particularly focused on promoting amnesty for illegal immigrants. According to Adelson has given millions to Republican candidates and office holders, always with the ultimate goal of granting citizenship to the hordes of third-world invaders.
It is clear that Adelson’s Jewishness motivates his actions. When justifying his political positions he references the concept of “Tikkun Olam“, the religious mandate for Jews to “repair the world” by subverting gentile culture. And yet in the very same interview Adelson explains his support for abortion by saying that religion should be kept out of politics:
“I’m pro choice,” he said. Republicans are pro-life, but he and his wife are not pro-life in politics, he said.
“You can take your own religious beliefs …and live your life with your own beliefs. But to make it a portion of the government’s policies?” He shook his head.
In practically the same breath the Jew can affirm and deny the same idea. This duplicity and dishonesty should shock any decent person, but rather than driving these criminals from our lands we let them suck us dry of our hard earned wealth and use it to finance our own destruction.

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