Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fox News' War

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New video from Media Matters shows network declared "war" on the White House long before Dunn's comments

Washington, D.C. - Following Anita Dunn's description of Fox News as an "arm" of the Republican Party, Fox News personalities have suggested or claimed that the White House declared "war" on the network. In response, Media Matters for America has released a video showing the factually inaccurate smears, blatant political organizing, and explicit lobbying that Fox News has engaged in. Many of these activities have been occurring since January 20 and have only increased in frequency as time has passed.



Following the White House's exposure of Fox News as a partisan political operation, as opposed to a credible news network, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity have claimed that the "warmongers" in the Obama administration have "declared war" and have their "missiles pointed right at Fox." But, as Media Matters' video and research demonstrates, it is Fox News that has been waging a partisan political war against the White House since Inauguration Day, and while doing so, revealing both its disdain for journalistic standards and its all-consuming political agenda -- qualities that differentiate Fox News from any credible news organization.

Would a real news organization help GOP PACs raise money?

SUMMARY: Although Fox News rejects criticism that it is viewed as a political organization, Fox News contributor Dick Morris repeatedly used his Fox News appearances to solicit donations to an ad campaign by the League of American Voters (LAV), which asserts it is "Leading the Fight to Stop Obama Care." On Hannity, Morris bragged of his group's fundraising success, reporting that his website had "raised now $2.5 million" to run the LAV ads against Democratic health care reform proposals. Morris is not alone in using Fox News as a forum to raise money for conservative causes. Fox News host Mike Huckabee has also used Fox News shows to raise money for Republican political action committees, and Fox News' promotion of the Tea Party Express helped a Republican PAC with fundraising.

"Voice of the opposition": Fox News openly advocates against Democratic Congress, White House

SUMMARY: Since Barack Obama's inauguration, Fox News has frequently engaged in political advocacy against the Democratic Congress and White House. Specifically, Fox News personalities have promoted and encouraged viewers to "join" tea party protestsand town hall meetings. Glenn Beck created The 9-12 Project, and Fox News aggressively promoted and covered the group's September 12 "March on Washington." Led by Beck, the network has engaged in a witch hunt seeking to "get rid of" Obama administration officials and nominees; implored viewers to call Congress and the White House to protest Democratic policies; and celebrated "victor[ies]" when Democratic legislation has been stalled.

Fox's news programs echo its "opinion" shows: Smears, doctored videos, GOP talking points

SUMMARY: Fox News has responded to White House criticisms of its network by claiming that while its "editorial" programs are filled with "vibrant opinion," its news hours are straight and objective. However, Fox News' purportedly straight news programs echo its "editorial" programs: Media Matters for America has compiled a non-exhaustive list -- from this year alone -- documenting how Fox's news programming features smears, falsehoods, doctored and deceptive editing, and GOP talking points.

Fox News on a witch hunt for Obama "czars"

SUMMARY: On September 8, Fox News host Megyn Kelly stated that "more of President Obama's special advisers are now under scrutiny after the resignation of his green jobs czar" Van Jones, and she described "criticisms" being lodged against Obama science and technology adviser John Holdren and Obama nominee Cass Sunstein. Indeed, Fox News personalities have been leading the charge against Jones, Holdren, Sunstein, and other Obama administration officials and nominees they have described as "czars" -- often by unearthing and criticizing statements the officials had made in the past rather than critiquing their job performance or credentials for those positions. Sean Hannity, for example, declared that "my job starting tomorrow night is to get rid of every other ['czar']."


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