Saturday, March 6, 2010

GOP tactics include misinforming public

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By Chris Anderson

A look at the Republicans' tactics for defeating health care and misinforming the public:

1) Make the public fear the legislation. Lie. Talk about fake death panels and socialism and rationed care, claims that respected analysts refute categorically.

2) Once the American public is afraid of the lies you've told, act sympathetic. When Democrats scoff, paint them as "out of touch" with the plight of the average American. Organize rallies in which gun-toting, sign-holding ("Obama is a Nazi!") mobs scare Democratic (and Republican) senators into taking a more conservative stance on the legislation. While the White House remains silent, have your cronies at Fox News and Sarah Palin continue spreading the lies to our discerning public. Allow the mainstream media to be "objective (capitulate to the whims of the far right).

3) When Democrats call your bluff and ask for comprehensive legislation from your side, offer weak reforms (tort, inter-state competition, etc.) that contain only a fraction of the costs the Democrats' bill does. When Democrats include your watery legislation in their package, say they're being uncooperative because they won't completely scrap their legislation. Continue to not offer a comprehensive package. Lie.

This boils down to: Lie, make them fear the lie, come out against the lie. It's brilliant.

Because, for as tech-savvy as the Obama administration is, it still can't manipulate the media like the GOP.

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