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No Ideal Republican/Tea Party, Bought and Paid for By the Libertarian Party, Could Care Less About A Compromise

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Even the Debt Ceiling Proposal, Cut, Cap, Balance you hear Eric Cantor and Republicans brag about is also the one and same Cut, Cap, Balance Pledge they took with FreedomWorks, which by the way originated from and had its name changed from ‘Citizen for a Sound Economy’ the group created and founded by Libertarian David H. Koch and Charles G. Koch. (Koch Brothers Founders of FreedomWorks, the Group Responsible for New Cut, Cap, Balance Pledge Republicans are Signing) ,a earlier blog. Instead of doing what is right for the country this is more about how to please Libertarians like the Koch Brothers and Grover Norquist, and not a Republican Party willing to compromise on anything. In all these talk about the debt ceiling, your Republicans running for President have gone missing on this topic in-spite the fact the debt ceiling is now the concern of your average citizen. For many years Republicans and Democrats have raised the debt ceiling and it went unnoticed by most. There was none of the grand standing and brick wall we have today. Americans should take that as a forewarning to come, especially when you know from your Federal and State elected Republicans in office have become a Party of Puppets with only a few puppet masters pulling the strings. And as good puppets your Republican leaders across the country federal, state, and local have signed pledges to both the Libertarian Koch brothers, Libertarian Grover Norquist, or groups created by Libertarians. The power, influence and direction from the Libertarian Party does not stop or begin just with a pledge. This has been years in the making and after President Obama took office it seems the Koch Brothers and Norquist were determine to make sure Republicans didn’t lose another election. Who else besides but Republicans were going to push the Libertarian Agenda.

Who do you think created the Tea Party? Well it certainly wasn’t the Republicans. The Tea Party was created by the Libertarian Party with the Koch Brothers leading and funding this movement.

There in the middle you will find the Republican/Conservative/GOP Party between Libertarian and the Tea Party.
It seems when you turn on the TV it’s always someone saying ‘Well the Two Parties need to do more to compromise. We need to stop muddying the facts and dealing with the truth that it isn’t more than one Party that is holding up raising the Debt Ceiling, it’s only one. Let’s be honest with ourselves more Americans could accept a proposal that balance cuts and raising taxes, especially on the rich and big business. President Obama said it best we need to pay our fair share. John Boehner, the Libertarians/Tea Party/Republicans have this distorted belief they can balanced this country on all those living Pay Check to Check. When I say Libertarian I refer to Libertarian Grover Norquist and Libertarian Koch Brothers who have a hand in everything running the Republican Party. The American People just want to be able to live in a country committed to uplifting all its citizens and not the very rich. Who ever heard of uplifting the Rich? But than Republicans seem to victimize the rich and big corporations. All this muddying the water and claiming two parties are the cause of all the trouble around debt ceiling make it easier for Republicans to pull these games.

Libertarians, Republicans/Conservative/GOP, and Tea Party are really one in the same but they will tell you different. Trust me they are one in the same, you may have a libertarian Governor but ran as a Republican. For example in the state of South Carolina there are no card identifications saying what Party you and Former Governor of South Carolina is often called a Libertarian. Even former Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, who ran for governor as a Republican in 2010 has been called a libertarian. Libertarian issues and Republicans like Tea Party issues and point of views in general very close at being the same. Libertarians may say the Republicans and the Democrats are doing this and that in Washington, but the reality is Libertarians are really involved in donating money and being a Think Tank to the Republican Party. But that’s not to say Libertarians don’t have dealing with someone who is a Democrat, it’s just they are trying to get you to see the Libertarian view-point.

I have no problem saying Libertarian, Republicans, and Tea Party are one in the same myself they all run for political office as a member of the GOP or Republican, it just maybe each group is maybe more extreme than the other. Perhaps that was the plan of Libertarian Grover Norquist and how the Koch Brothers, to create all these organizations across the country and create all these companies from telecommunications (Koch Brothers) and institutes like the Cato institute such as or become an enforcer like Grover Norquist for throwing their power and influence around Washington during the days of the K Street Gangs, getting Republicans hired as Lobbyists. So for the lack of people who find themselves as Libertarians they make up for it big by buying out Republicans and creating various things that Republicans that continuously turn to time and time again.

Yes the Republicans have created for themselves some powerful organizations, Leadership PACs, but if you look at Joe Wilson of South Carolina while he may own more than PACs His Pacs or any of your people in Congress PACs don’t compare to the amount of donations and the many Pacs, political organization Pacs, the Different company the Koch Brothers own that have Pacs.

Probably one of the Republicans biggest organization with the most influence would seem to be the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which by the way they should not have that much power but they do. They train or coach corporations and state Legislatures on the Conservative Agendas and how to get it passed in their states. ALEC itself help pushed the Voter ID bills many states are pushing and have adopted. AlEC also was a strong contributor in writing the Arizona Controversial Immigration Bill that many Republicans are pushing in their own state.

But of course one of the biggest contributor to ALEC would be Libertarian, Forbe list Billionaires the Koch Brothers. Many have also say much of the agenda pushed by ALEC is the same thing the Koch Brothers are pushing.

The Nation has written an article involving the Koch connection you may find interesting: “ALEC Exposed: The Koch Connection”
“No one knows how much the Kochs have given ALEC in total, but the amount likely exceeds $1 million—not including a half-million loaned to ALEC when the group was floundering. ALEC gave the Kochs its Adam Smith Free Enterprise Award, and Koch Industries has been one of the select members of ALEC’s corporate board for almost twenty years. The company’s top lobbyist was once ALEC’s chairman. As a result, the Kochs have shaped legislation touching every state in the country. Like ideological venture capitalists, the Kochs have used ALEC as a way to invest in radical ideas and fertilize them with tons of cash.”

I also talked about the power of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in a recent blog called “Grover Norquist Power Extends Beyond Americans For Tax Reform, A Brief look at Who is Really Running Your State Legislature and Training Private Companies To Get What they Want”

Every once a while I am reminded how John Boehner in 2010 created a website on tax payers money seeking what they wanted for Congress do. Sure I can understand hearing what the public have to say but clearly Republicans didn’t have clue of their plans were for the country they were running in the 2010 election just to be running. So knowone should be surprise Libertarians are able to take advantage of this.

While John Boehner is in the House gathering votes this evening this morning freshman House Republican, as reported by the AP Press, Joe Walsh of Illinois told the CBS’s “The Early Show” that to many people are focused on the August 2 Deadline, and we shouldn’t commit ourselves too a deadline. Rep. Joe maybe a Freshmen House Republican but I’m pretty sure he has spent enough of an adult life on hear earth, that we have to pay our bills and provided there is usually a due date. He should tell that to the banks for the many people who lost their homes or they are prevented from owning their own home because they couldn’t pay their bills at that due date. Rep. Joe Walsh is considered a Tea Party favorite and thinks the plan doesn’t go far enough.

Interesting thing though when you read into a politicians words and actions and don’t believe in Deadlines how that plays out in life. In another interview with CNN, Tea Party Favorite Wash told CNN, “Thank God congressmen like me were here. Imagine – step back and imagine – if Republicans hadn’t taken over Congress, this city would have raised the debt limit who knows how much.”
CNN reported today that Walsh’s ex-wife Laura Walsh Rep. Joe Walsh has a big debt of his own in the matter of $117,437 in child support. Currently and not surprising that Walsh’s Ex-wife has filed a lawsuit for Child support.

How do you represent the people if you can’t pay for your children.

The AP Press also reported that later today that majority of the 87 freshmen Republican members of the House were on board with the Boehner’s plan.

Hold up on the Vote so far tonight:
But while those are the Freshmen, maybe some of the Veterans are having problems with the Boehner’s plan. Perhaps their constituents have flooded their office but after months of debates they now see the Boehner plan leans heavenly on those that don’t have much to raise the trillions and trillions of dollars needed to raise the debt. People have called this plan and the previous budget of Paul Ryan as playing a great burden on the middle-income and low-income. It shouldn’t have taken months and a few days right before the August 2 deadline to realize this, but that is where we are at as John Boehner this even is still going around to get the votes.

In the midst of all this you have Republican Leaders at one time in history would not have given so obstinate that some compromise could not be work out. This appears to be a culmination over the years of Libertarian’s power and money influence being helped by their investments and Creating the Tea Party that brings us to this point in history. Yes we forget, by the libertarian Party Created the Tea Party and the Libertarian Party runs the Republican Party. Know one I guess except the leadership in the Tea Party know that the Libertarians such as the Koch brothers created them, and they are very far from being an real Grass Root campaign.

Whether by a lack ideals or just greed of money the Republican leadership around the country has been pretty much bought and Paid for.

No wonder we have so much Grid lock in Washington we got to many Political Parties so-call running things in the Republican Party for actual Republicans to bother with compromising with Democrats.

In a modern United States we have Grid locks before but nothing like this where we are gridlocked from one key issue to the next and the American people are getting thrown under the bus to protect the wealthy.

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