Sunday, January 6, 2013

Koch Industries two bossmen-owners Charles & David Koch created the Tea Party

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Koch Industries two bossmen-owners Charles & David Koch created the Tea Party. David is a twin, and his twin brother has called him and Koch Industries "Organized Crime" on CBS TV without getting sued for slander. Well with over $55,000,000 in CRIMINAL FINES for polluting six states water, air and soil, you can call Koch Industries "Organized Crime", not to mention the $293,000,000 jury award to the parents of Danielle Dawn Smalley for her being killed by Koch negligence while the brothers played politics.

In 2004 David Koch had to hide the Citizen's for a Sound Economy because the heat was on exposing their partnership in the RICO Tobacco Racketeering conviction of seven major tobacco organized crime operations. CSE was merged with dying Jack Kemp's "Empower America" mailing list and resurrected as "Freedomworks". The Marlboro Man in the Stetson hat at CSE was Dick Armey, former Republican congress leader from Texas who oversaw CSE's tobacco propaganda efforts, while KKK-hero Tom Posey (of Civilian Military Assistance fame) was treasurer of CSE, at the time that CSE morphed into Freedomworks.

Freedomworks owns the LOGO graphic of the Tea Party Patriots, and owns the trademark f the Tea Party Patriots, according to front-spokesperson Amy Kremer.

Freedomworks owned and controlled the stage for Rupert Murdock's 9-12 DC project fronted by Foxman Glenn Beck. Koch brothers and Murdock worked together at least from the time that Phillip Morris Tobacco Company Board member Murdoch was also sitting on the Board of Directors of Cato Institute sitting side-by-side with board member David Koch planning Cato propaganda operations for the Tobacco Mafia since convicted in federal court for RICO racketeering. The Marlboro Men Rupert Murdoch and David Koch carried out the Tea Party scam using Fox Newz to cover every whistlestop of the Tea Party Express bus tour cross country with small rallies of CSE-Empower-America email list members exhorted to show up for TV camera facetime at these stops. The OILMEN Koch's run a fleet of buses, from Hot Air anti-global-warming, to hand's off my healthcare, to Tea Party troops bused to rallies. They also run a fleet of websites, over 400 different ones from one server at the Koch-Americans for Koch-Prosperity offices.

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