Thursday, March 14, 2013

Big money America at it again with bribes

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Court rulings have allowed an obscene amount of money to corrupt U.S. elections. Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan contributors include American millionaires and billionaires and “anonymous” foreign backers who expect huge returns on their investments, buying “behind the curtain” control.

President Obama’s unfriendly rhetoric threatening enforced regulation has resulted in 21Wall Street bankers switching their allegiance to Romney promising “no rules!” Obama believes, “politicians who spend too much time among the wealthy risk losing touch with the hardship of the 99 percent I entered public life to serve.”

Democrats generalize that liberals make political donations for altruistic reasons, whereas Republicans campaign contributors often make self-serving investments to protect future profits.
Tea Party funders/puppet-masters David and Charles Koch, purposely “buy Congress, fund any lie, fight any law, bust any union, despoil any landscape (Koch Industries is a Top 10 polluter) or shirk any tax burden to push their free-market religion to increase profits.” - Rolling Stone
Koch billionaires recruited Paul Ryan in early 2000s and may have ‘encouraged’ his VP selection. The Kochs detest the EPA and need favorable treatment regarding Justice Department (DOJ) international criminal investigations — see below.

SuperPac donor, mega-homebuilder, Texas billionaire Bob Perry, emphatically opposes EPA and consumer safeguards which affect his profits. Homebuyers, beware.

Texas billionaire, Harold Simmons, promises to “invest” $36 million to defeat Obama. Harold plans a subterranean nuclear waste dump in Andrews County, Texas, but he needs to abolish pollution regulations protecting the Ogallala Aquifer, the massive, shallow underground reservoir directly beneath the toxic contaminant dump.

Billionaire Sheldon Adelson demands durable pro-Israel policies and, with Vegas, Macau, and Singapore casinos, he’s purchasing favorable tax/trade policies, IRS audit exemption, DOJ corruption amnesty, permanent tax credits for overseas profits, and estate tax elimination — Obama proposes ending these hand-outs. Adelson’s proposed $100 million Romney/Ryan investment could reward him 2000 percent.

Romney’s energy adviser, multi-state oilman Harold Hamm covets guaranteed fossil fuel subsidies, plus the EPA’s demise. Jim Davis, New Balance CEO, could garner Pentagon sneaker contracts with $1 million donation; Foster Friess pushes intolerant “Christian” policies; and Islamaphobic Frank Gaffney spreads hate in print.

DOJ investigates U.S. companies for criminal violations committed under Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, working with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Several RNC mega-donors are currently struggling with corruption investigations, securities penalties, and IRS audits which the “right” Attorney General and impotent SEC would alleviate.

The Waltons are battling bribery allegations in their Mexico Walmart empire. DOJ is investigating Adelson’s Macau casino operations, the world’s biggest gambling hub where a former empire executive has alleged illegal dealings with Chinese officials, including ties to organized crime.

The Kochs foreign hazard is damning evidence of improper payments, dating to 2002, securing contracts in six countries through their Koch-Glitsch French affiliate. Another sticky Koch Industries wicket involves foreign subsidiaries selling mega-millions in petrochemical equipment to Iran. “Papa” Fred Koch perfected the family business prototype under Stalin, then founded the John Birch Society.

GOP candidates will kowtow to benefactors coveting retention of preferential tax treatment and unfettered finance opportunities. Environmentally, “big money” manufacturing, mining, and drilling crave freedom from regulations which monitor heavily polluting/cancer-causing processes, threatening profits.

“Corporate GOP” doesn’t care about Smitty’s Paint Shop employees, endangered by lung-damaging pollutants, though rhetoric might convince Smitty his small business costs are championed. Big profit polluters want autonomy.

As Romney’s puppet-masters pull his strings, behind-the-scenes Karl Rove, Grover Norquist, NRA, Chamber of Commerce, Defense contractors will insure corporate supremacy always trumps working class concerns.

“Obama’s anti-capitalism socialism” has enriched more than 400 U.S. billionaires. Of 33 billionaire donors, 30 finance Romney/Ryan, who must decide — benefactors or country? Imagine if these billionaires had invested in ending poverty in America over pure self-interest — their return on investment would be millions of thriving American customers.

Republican America is big money America, where most of us will simply experience a steeper uphill struggle. Monied manipulators each have but one vote — you must decide if their bribes are acceptable payment for your vote.

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