Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Ryan Plan: Cutting Benefits For Poor Women To Protect Millionaires

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By Katie Wright, Guest Blogger and Adam Peck

Despite the fact that women voted en masse to reject Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) budget plan in the November election, this week’s unveiling of the latest House Republican budget shows that Rep. Ryan still doesn’t get it when it comes to standing with women and promoting the economic security of their families.

The latest Ryan budget puts a tight cap on the area of the budget that funds vital supports for low-income girls and young adults, like nutrition assistance for expectant mothers and their children, child development, childcare, and education assistance. Adult women struggling to feed their families would see their food stamp (or SNAP) benefits cut. Changes to Medicaid would jeopardize women’s access to affordable health care and long-term care — making matters worse for women doing their best to care for themselves, their children, and their aging parents — and turning Medicare into a voucher program would shift costs onto senior women, jeopardizing their future economic security.

Unfortunately, just as in past years, the former vice presidential candidate has put forth a budget that rewards the rich with a huge tax break while cutting off opportunity and pathways out of poverty for women at every critical juncture in their lives:


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