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Lie, Lie, Lie And Then Just Maybe Lie Some More; The Keystone XL Sham!

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By John B. Logan

You know most of us get it that we need to get off and away from foreign oil. But never mind that most of our imported oil comes from Canada. But it seems the lasted dirty trick from the party that keeps those dirty tricks alive like Dick Cheney's heart, Karl Rove's atheistic leanings and the Speaker of the House Bonehead's creepy tan, the Keystone XL pipeline is a cruel joke on the American public. Yep that is right folks the latest greatest coconut shell game is here; the great Keystone XL con job. Oh and brought to you by guess who, the profits before people, newly hi-jakced republican party; curtain opens and fireworks here please!

And even the famous conservative erudite scholar and right wing talker Victor Hanson is for pushing this long, long, long oil pipe line like an old hooker pushes her tired old worn out wares. Well I guess minus the venereal moments of embarrassing pain that could last one a life time. But for Christ sake's man do these people think that we are that stupid? Well sometimes I really guess that we are.

See here we have the republican Lee Terry, R-Neb., calling the Keystone XL as being, "crucial to getting Americans back to work. " and that , " the Americans want us to stop buying Venezuelean oil." Gee Lee does that also mean the oil that Venezuela sells people in the East during winter at discounted prices bad also? Oh well never mind. And the leader of the pack as in they will tell us anything to promote their big business republican party agenda, Speaker Bonehead, that the pipeline is all about creating jobs also! Sure it will Speaker just like the last fifteen years it has.

And of course Fox Noise is going to parrot the manufactured perceived national narrative in promoting the oil interest over the protection and environmental needs of our nation, our citizens and its pristine lands. Heh who cares if there is another national oil spill disaster, right people? And what is a little oil in say places like the Gulf of Mexico or the frozen waters of Alaska anyway? These oil projects promote jobs we are told. Oops looks like those jobs are just more of the same. I mean here we are going to be suckered into a pipeline 1000's of miles long through the heart of our nation, 58 counties, six states and over 100's of fresh water wells and aquifers to the Gulf of Mexico to be exported and sold to us and the world's hungry markets. Oh and at the highest price on the global market of course.

But heh this pipeline is going to promote and make jobs. Uh, but not the 1000's of jobs that we are constantly being told. It looks like there will be only anywhere form 20 to 200 permanent jobs after all is said and done. I mean we have gone from millions of jobs to 150,000 of jobs down to 50,000 jobs and down and down. Gee maybe we need to go down some more, see poor old hooker. Finally the Washington Post wrote that there will be about 5,000 to 7,000 temporary jobs in the construction and supporting area to serve the pipeline.

So where did all this 100's of 1000's of jobs go to? Did they just go to the big conservative cloud in the sky? And we are not talking about Apple's cloud either now. You know like how the Cornell University Global Labor Institute from their 9/2011 report, stated that the Keystone XL pipeline will probably bring about 20 to 50 permanent jobs from Montana to the state of Texas. You know all that automated high tech stuff that the oil companies love to use to save money!

So I really wish just once that, the party that has Newt as their family's value man, their new beloved front runner, they tell us the truth for a change. You know how this huge long pipeline is just to bring oil from Canada to Texas to be sold on the world market. I mean the part how this pipeline will help lower the cost of gas at the pump is about as insulting as this project will bring jobs to America. Yep nothing like lying like a dead rug I always like to say.

But then is that not what the defeat the President at all cost is all about? You see it is all about tax cuts here and corporate tax breaks there because, wait for it, they produce jobs here in America. You know just like this new and improved Keystone XL pipeline will also bring those much needed jobs to the America heartland. Well I guess it will for as long as it takes to build the 1000 mile pipeline.
And just think if there is another one of those so called catastrophic " oil disasters, " then we can just blame the government like the last one. You all remember the BP disaster right? You know pass the blame around and also pass some of the blame on the lax government agencies. But heck what is a little oil in the local environment anyway, I always like to say? And never mind those 11 guys that got blown up into little pieces from all that blame going around; it is all about jobs right?

So to get the latest round of relief for the American people the good ol republican hi-jacked party needs this little pipeline to promote jobs in the nation. And as we have seen after the initial construction is through there might be a couple of hundred jobs left to gloat over. You know maybe it is like building all those McMansions in Modesto that also bring in all those jobs and stuff. Heh at least that is what we are constantly told. Anyone seeing a pattern here?

And just how this pipeline is supposed to give Americans relief at the gas pump is beyond me to say the least. See I always thought that the price of oil is determined on the world market to get the most bang for their buck. Oh and never mind that after all this oil goes to Texas the price of gas will still go up. You know it is all about the free market and stuff!

So remember oil pipelines are good and environmental laws are bad. Or maybe better yet, oil profits and refineries are good and clean air, water is bad. Or is that profits are good, they produce jobs ,and people are bad?

You know it can get confusing and stuff being a confused liberal who loves his air clean and water without chemicals in it. But then call me a tree hugging wacko environmentalist and stuff!
Thanks for reading and bring on the $4-$5 dollar a gallon gas at the pump this summer! You know it is the patriotic thing to do. And how is this? Because it creates jobs dummy!

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