Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mitt Romney says his $167 Tax Cut "Better than Zero"

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By Zerlina Maxwell

Romney the rich guy pretends to feel your financial pain.

Mitt Romney and his $13.4 million dollar a year pension plan want you to know that they feel your pain and suffering. The middle class is hurting and Romney wants them to know that he really really​ cares. Romney is against President Obama's payroll tax cut which passed the Senate and is dying today in the House. Romney called that $1500 tax cut a "Band-Aid."

Someone should tell Romney that $1500 is a larger amount than $167. Also, someone should tell Romney that saying things about his plan to allow "middle income folks to participate in making a brighter future for themselves" sounds like a bunch of hogwash. Have you ever heard a more meaningless sentence?

Well, I guess it's better then when he said "167 is not zero." Seriously, he said that. If Romney is President Obama's opponent in the general election expect a flurry of attacks on how out of touch Romney is with average Americans who don't make enough money to benefit from his cuts to capital gains taxes.

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