Friday, December 9, 2011

PR Watch shows evidence of Koch Brothers funding Walker into governorship

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His Majesty Scott Walker at His Palace
There is damning evidence that Walker has been purchased by the Koch Brothers. Besides them spending millions in the Recall elections, their history of funding Walker goes back years:
Walker was elected just over three months ago on the heels of an exceptionally expensive gubernatorial race in the Badger State, fueled by groups funded by the Koch brothers, David and Charles. David Koch, the son of a radical founding member of the John Birch Society, which has long been obsessed with claims about socialism and advocated the repeal of civil rights laws, personally donated $1 million to the Republican Governors Association (RGA) in June of last year. This was the most he had ever personally given to that group. (Fellow billionaire Rupert Murdoch matched Koch’s donation to the RGA with a $1 million donation from his company News Corporation, parent company of FOX “News” Channel.)

Screen Shot of RGAs 5 million Investment in WalkerThe RGA in turn spent $5 million in the race, mostly on TV ads attacking Walker’s political opponent, Democratic Mayor Tom Barrett. As this photo shows, the RGA described itself as a “key investor” in Walker’s victory. In its congratulations, the RGA notes that it “ran a comprehensive campaign including TV and internet ads and direct mail. The series of ads were devastating to Tom Barrett … All told, RGA ran 8 TV ads and sent 8 pieces of mail for absentee, early voting, and GOTV, totaling 2.9 million pieces.”
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Of course, Walker denied knowing the Koch Brothers, even after he was punked in a fake phone call from David Koch.

Of course, the Koch Brothers and their astroturf PACs are at war on the people of Wisconsin. This is all a great experiment for them and they think we are just going to take it.

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