Saturday, November 12, 2011

Koch group selling Walker agenda ahead of recall

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By Cody Oliphant

Koch Industries and its front group Americans for Prosperity spent roughly a million dollars helping to put Scott Walker in the governor's mansion and another half a million dollars protecting his recalled state senators. Now, Koch's AFP and their sister organization the MacIver Institute are teaming up to help Scott Walker yet again.
Just in time for the impending effort to recall Scott Walker, the two corporate front groups "have teamed up to produce and distribute" propaganda "a multimedia educational effort that explains the need for, and success of, Wisconsin's recent budget reform."
From their site, it appears with so many nice things for corporate spokesgroups to say about Scott Walker's budget, they couldn't pick just one middle-class destroying policy for which to thank Scott Walker. Take a look:

MacIver and AFP don't just share a vision of destroying the middle class to line the pocketbooks of CEOs though, they also share a personnel. Or at least they did.

Mark Block, the now infamous "guy who smokes a cigarette in Herman Cain's new campaign ad" was most recently the state director of AFP and helped launch the MacIver Institute, sitting on their board of directors when they first started.

The fact is, Gov. Scott Walker and the GOP majority's agenda isn't working for the middle class in Wisconsin.

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