Saturday, November 12, 2011

U.S, Scott Walker's strategy for defeating recall: Unlimited donations

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Scott Walker may be accepting some real calls from David Koch soon.The Democratic Party of Wisconsin is kicking off the signature drive to recall Wisconsin Scott Walker on Nov. 15. On that same day, Scott Walker can begin accepting unlimited donations:The fight to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker begins November 15, when the 60-day window opens for progressives, Democrats, and other Walker opponents to gather the more than half-million signatures they'll need to trigger a recall election. Conveniently for Walker, a loophole in Wisconsin elections law opens up the same day and spans the same 60-day window. For that two-month period, the state's $10,000 donation limit for individuals giving to gubernatorial candidates is out the window. That's right: Walker can raise unlimited campaign cash for his recall defense as his opponents round up support to recall him.

In 2010, Walker raised more than $10,000,000 for his campaign without the aid of unlimited donations. With allies like the Koch brothers, who knows who much he could bring in once there is no $10,000 cap.

Further, suggesting that even unlimited donations are not enough for him, Scott Walker is also using public funds to launch websites polishing his image.

Those of us working to defeat Walker in the recall election will have access to neither Wisconsin government resources nor a window for unlimited donations. As such, our only path to recalling Walker will be through grassroots strength.

Please, help recall Scott Walker by contributing $5 to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin

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