It's not hard to save money by slashing away at a budget, anyone can do it. Hell, I could sock away a tidy sum if I quit spending money on stuff like food, clothing, and shelter. If I stopped spending my hard earned money on non essential items like coats and shoes I could save up for a new television. Awesome! If my family lived out of our minivan and based our diet around dried beans I could afford to buy season tickets for the Bears games! See how this shit works? Am I a financial fucking genius or what? If I pull all the teeth out of my head I won't need to waste money on dentists and toothpaste anymore. Goddamn I'm brilliant! I'll have the Rolex I've always wanted before you know it... Too bad I can't get Koch Brothers rich that way. I'd buy myself a Governor.
Koch Industries and its front group Americans for Prosperity spent roughly a million dollars helping to put Scott Walker in the governor's mansion and another half a million dollars protecting his recalled state senators. Now, Koch's AFP and their sister organization the MacIver Institute are teaming up to help Scott Walker yet again.Just in time for the impending effort to recall Scott Walker, the two corporate front groups "have teamed up to produce and distribute" propaganda "a multimedia educational effort that explains the need for, and success of, Wisconsin's recent budget reform." Source
At an ever increasing pace, we are seeing example after example of how Scott Walker's agenda is not working for the people of Wisconsin as jobs disappear by the hundreds. This is one of the many reasons why Walker is about to be recalled.In preparation for said recall, Walker, using government resources, has launched a defensive website to try to show things aren't really as bad as they are. But even though he's had months to prepare for what he knew was coming, his defensive campaign strategy is backfiring as he can't even site examples that don't reinforce the need to oust him from office.
The Koch Brothers, in an effort to protect their investment, has done a money dump on their front groups Americans for Prosperity (notice not for the people) and MacIver Institute, to run misleading ads and have a website which only parrots Walker's tax payer-funded campaign website. Source
Walker has squandered a year expending considerable amounts of Wisconsin's credibility, quality of life, legal authority, and taxpayer dollars to reward himself with political protections and lavish fresh benefits on the most privileged residents and powerful lobbies in the state, thereby embedding his party power running the Big Government they claim to hate.And while penalizing everyday families with lesser means and influence.
Three more years of Walker will disable the state. We can't afford it.Source
The reality is that we, especially in Wisconsin, are going to be bombarded by slick ads in the next 6 months. These slick ads frequently mislead by juxtaposing numbers that seem shocking and draw conclusions from those numbers as if they are facts but truly never substantiated or explained in context. Another technique is to cite an example, call it a success story, imply that it is true everywhere, every time and again not explain the context or provide any details. Source